There’s a rumor that private correctional healthcare companies are only concerned with profitability. That’s not true at Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc.  ACH is physician-owned. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Johnson, is a board certified addiction specialist. Because he has over 40 years of experience practicing medicine (including 20 years in corrections and 10 years in addiction medicine), ACH understands the challenges facing correctional healthcare from the top, down.

Physician Services

ACH recognizes it’s really hard to find jail doctors. We assign a primary practitioner to conduct on-site visits at the correctional facility. That practitioner is responsible for taking 24/7 call. Additionally, ACH provides a list of backup on-call practitioners, as well as Dr. Johnson’s cell phone number, just in case.

Nursing Services

The patients entering correctional facilities today are sicker than ever. Our data indicates patients are healthier under the ACH program than they are under their community doctor’s program.