BOONE, MISSOURI – In July 2020, Nurse Jared and Officer Fisher were presented with a patient who was in need of immediate medical attention. While we cannot tell you exactly what happened next due to federal patient privacy and confidentiality laws, we can tell you that this team did not freeze. They reacted to the situation in a professional manner. 

The individuals responded to the scene and assisted medical responders in administering Narcan to prevent the patient from overdosing. Nurse Jared and Officer Fisher saved the patient’s life.

Saving a patient from overdosing is a team effort. To celebrate their actions and recognize all individuals involved, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) presented the Overdose Revival Award, an award created to honor those who prevent a patient from overdosing, to Nurse Jared and Officer Fisher. These individuals performed an exceptional act under emergency conditions, and the action rendered directly resulted in sustaining a human life.

Thank you to this lifesaving team for your commitment to our patients’ health and safety. ACH appreciates you!

ACH is the nation’s largest health care provider who focuses exclusively on jails. Headquartered in Illinois, they endeavor to make a difficult time in their patients’ lives easier and improve public health.