DAISY Award Recipient: Nurse Williams

APRIL 2019 – When an individual was brought into the Jackson County Jail for booking, Nurse Williams noticed the patient was sweating significantly and appeared nervous. While taking vital signs, she identified elevated blood pressure, and the body scanner revealed the potential of a foreign object in the patient’s rectum. The patient denied that he had inserted drugs or any other objects into his body, however, Nurse Williams asked the arresting agency to transport the patient to the Emergency Room for medical clearance. The arresting agency initially resisted her request, but she insisted the patient be cleared by the hospital physician prior to getting booked into the jail. In the Emergency Room it was determined that the patient had a loaded handgun inserted into his rectum. Nurse Williams’ thorough assessment and persistence prevented a catastrophic event from occurring.

 In an effort to help promote the meaningful work correctional nurses do, ACH became the first correctional health care provider to partner with the DAISY Foundation in April 2017. The DAISY Foundation was created in 1999 to recognize nurses “for the super-human work they do for their patients and families [of the patients] every day.” This award is currently recognized in over 2,400 healthcare facilities worldwide. When nurses are presented with the DAISY Award, they receive an award certificate, a DAISY pin, and the Healer’s Touch sculpture. They are also featured on the DAISY Foundation’s website.

 ACH is the largest county jail health care provider in the United States. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, their team consists of over 1,000 people across 15 states.