In January 2018, Officer Adam Langely was presented with a patient who was in full cardiac arrest. While we cannot tell you exactly what happened next due to federal patient privacy and confidentiality laws, we can tell you he did not freeze. He reacted to the situation in a professional manner and did not leave the patient’s side until the medical team for the facility could arrive.

Once called, Nurse Victoria Richards responded. Nurse Richards assisted the first responders in resuscitating the patient. Neither Nurse Richards or Officer Langely left the patient’s side until EMS could arrive. Nurse Richards and Officer Langely saved the patient’s life.

Saving a life is a team effort. To celebrate their actions and recognize the individuals involved, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) presented the Lifesaving Award, an award to honor non-medical first responders, to Officer Adam Langely.  He performed an exceptional act under emergency conditions, where the action rendered directly resulted in sustaining a human life. Nurse Richards was presented with A Golden Stethoscope, an award specifically for medical staff when they save a life.

Many people wonder, why does anyone die in jail? The media will tell you it is because the medical care is terrible, but those of us who work in corrections know the truth.

The truth is that our patients pose unique challenges for the medical and mental health teams. Our patients generally do not or cannot access health care outside of jail, and they usually do not know their family’s medical
history. Our team does a lot of good things for a population that otherwise, oftentimes, would not receive any health care at all.

For example, we provide mental health treatment for people who are self-medicating with drugs, which causes them to end up in jail. We provide prenatal care for a significant number of women who otherwise would not receive it in the community. We provide dental care for people who quite literally have never sought dental care their entire lives.

We take a population of people who statistically do not (or cannot) take care of themselves and address their needs. Our people are improving public health.

Thank you to this lifesaving team for their commitment to our patients’ health and safety. ACH appreciates you!

ACH is one of the nation’s largest health care providers for county jails. Headquartered in Illinois, ACH’s team of over 900 people across 17 states treats an average daily population of over 36,000 patients.