The Golden Stethoscope Award

Pictured: Suzanne Deegan, LPN, was presented a Golden
Stethoscope by Tim Reed, RN – Health Services Administrator

In an effort to help promote the meaningful work correctional nurses do, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) created the Golden Stethoscope Award.  This is awarded when an employee is quite literally presented with a dead patient and they save the patient’s life.  Most recently we awarded Suzanne Deegan with a Golden Stethoscope.  Nurse Deegan was presented with a patient who was legally dead.  While we can’t tell you exactly what happened next, due to federal patient privacy and confidentiality laws, we can tell you that Nurse Deegan did not freeze. She sprung to action, resuscitated the patient, and did not leave the patient’s side until EMS arrived. Nurse Deegan saved the patient’s life.  Those who heard the story and voted to present Nurse Deegan with this award were humbled by the actions that took place that day.  We were honored to be in the presence of such a life saver.

This weekend, on August 4th, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Inc. (ACH) held our August Awards Dinner. At this Awards Dinner, Nurse Deegan was honored with the Golden Stethoscope Award by her supervisor, Tim Reed, with ACH practitioners, nurses, mental health, and corporate staff present.  Nurse Deegan received a resounding and tearful standing ovation.

Pictured: An emotional standing ovation after hearing
the story of Nurse Suzanne Deegan saving a patient’s life.


The DAISY Award

Pictured: Nury Marcelo, RN, Director of Medical Operations/Northern Division,
presenting Litisha Ramus, APRN, 
with her DAISY certificate and Healer’s Touch sculpture.

ACH is proud to be the only correctional healthcare provider to partner with the DAISY FoundationThe DAISY Foundation was created in 1999 to recognize nurses “for the super-human work they do for their patients and families [of the patients] every day”.  This award is currently recognized in over 2,400 healthcare facilities worldwide.  You can find more out about the history of the DAISY Award by visiting their website.  Anyone can submit a nomination for the DAISY Award by filling out our nomination form and getting it to our corporate office.  When a nurse is presented with the DAISY Award, they will receive an award certificate, a DAISY pin, and the Healer’s Touch sculpture.  They will also be featured on the DAISY Foundation’s website.

On August 4, 2017, we were proud to announce that four (4) nurses had been nominated for this prestigious award.  We presented the DAISY Award to Litisha Ramus, APRNLitisha Ramus, APRN was nominated by Nury Marcelo, RN, Director of Medical Operations/Northern Division, to recognize her for all she does in her facility.  One of the most notable remarks was the compassion Litisha shows for both her co-workers and her patients.

Service Awards

Pictured: August 2017 One Year Service Award recipients
(in attendance at Friday’s dinner) with Mrs. Johnson

One of ACH’s core values is loyalty.  ACH proudly recognizes employees who show loyalty to the company with multiple years of service through service awards.

This weekend, one of the most meaningful service awards we have given thus far was presented; it was our first 15 year Service Award.  This was presented to Karen Stocke, LPN, Vice President of Contract Initiation.  Karen has been with Dr. and Mrs. Johnson since the start of this company.  We were thrilled to present Karen with a small token of our appreciation for her loyalty.

Pictured: Mrs. Johnson, Vice-CEO; Karen Stocke, LPN, Vice President
of Contract Initiation; and Norman R. Johnson, 

Service Awards are presented at each Medical Advisory Meeting for one, five, ten, and fifteen years of service. This Quarter, we are proud to recognize 72 employees for one (1) year of service, five (5) employees for five (5) years of service, and one (1) employee for ten (10) years of service. While not all of these recipients could be in attendance at the meeting, Service Awards will be distributed in the field to show our appreciation. Be sure to get a picture with your service award and send it to the corporate office so we can share in your celebration.


In 2013, ACH sought to create a more meaningful Recognition Program.  This idea started by creating “thank you” notes, which are based on ACH’s Core Values.  Basing our recognition program on our Core Values is a highly effective way to engage employees in the company’s culture.  Because our corporate office is such a small percentage of the organization, we wanted to be able to recognize our hard-working nurses, managers, and practitioners in the field.  Therefore, these “thank you” notes are available online for ACH employees to recognize each other.  A step above our day-to-day “thank you” notes, are recognition certificates.  Certificates are presented at company events (including on-site staff meetings) from one employee to another when they recognize a co-worker who has gone above and beyond in a situation.


Three (3) times each year we hold our Medical Advisory Meetings for the purpose of educating our medical/mental health leaders on current “hot topic” issues in correctional healthcare and to further educate on topics that are always relevant in healthcare.  We also hold an awards dinner the night prior to our big meeting day.  Here, we presented a few stories from our most recent Awards Dinner.  Be sure to stay tuned to the ACH Intranet and ADP for more photos and recognition.