PEORIA, IL–Each year, the corporate office holds its annual strategic planning week to review the progress of its current, on-going goals, as well as, plan for the new year.

Throughout the week, the staff reviews the ACH mission and vision statements. Many think this is an easy process.

They are mistaken.

These are important, legally binding documents explaining exactly who we are, what we do, and how we do it. However, upon returning from the 2014 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference, it was brought to our attention that ACH needs to instill a purpose statement for the company.

So, what is a purpose statement and why do we need one?

A purpose statement succinctly defines why a company exists and what it does. It should be memorable enough so that everyone within the company can connect with it, remember it, and use it.

As important as our vision and mission statements are, many (if not all) ACH employees cannot recite it; consequently, they are held back from understanding exactly what ACH does and how they help the company on a daily basis.

So, after much discussion, we present to you the purpose statement for Advanced Correctional Healthcare:


“The purpose of Advanced Correctional Healthcare is to solve problems for our patients, clients, and staff, to make their lives easier.”


There it is. The purpose behind one of the industry’s leading correctional healthcare companies-a statement which all ACH employees endeavor to fulfill on a daily basis. The bolded words even summarize the purpose statement.

Whether it’s solving a simpler problem by improving communication between the jail staff and the nurse/doctor, writing a perfect progress note, recruiting a new ACH employee…or solving a larger problem like saving a dying patient or discovering cost-saving opportunities for our clients, we’re proud of our employees who fulfill the ACH purpose statement every day.